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Ok guys...I have just been informed by the CBP officials that the BC borders are now accepting waiver applications from everyone. The only catch is that they have to be esafe. I won't be like another individual here and try to tell you guys to call us to file based on our specials powers. This knowledge of BC accepting waiver packets is free and open to everyone that lives in Western Canada. So it is official as of today....Peace Arch will accept waiver applications from literally everyone.

I am so excited that I can hardly type this out. This action along with our new Cabotage prevention instruction course will promise to be extremely profitable for us. So yeah again guys...The BC Peace Arch is accepting new waiver packets. Feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions. As you guys know that we constantly provide free helpful info and are always here to serve you and our clients.

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@ John Yeah ok. Again, whatever you have to say to make yourself sleep at night. Why do you care about what we are doing anyway? What you say is irrelevant since I base my posts here on the feedback that I get from people that call us from this forum. Apparently, they like what we are posting. Hence, I will cater to them as opposed to someone that wears the L symbol on their forehead. Don't forget to collect your welfare cheque. You contribute absolutely nothing here other than an excessive amount of flatulence(gas).

I tell you what I will do for you though. Me and the Surrey manager will dedicate a radio show episode to you only. Then you can speak about showing us how everything you have stated here is found in the US regulations, laws, and statutes. You can point out everything in the regulations and explain in law why your views are found in the rule of law. You are only allowed to use the regulations and properly document everything. You do not even have to show your face since I do not want people to laugh too much.

So let me know when you wish to display your "expertise" in this industry. I do not mind broadcasting here for everyone to see. I will even etransfer you $200 to help you out with your bills. Yeah, you wish that you were part of our

I have already proven our knowledge level so we are already covered. So let me know when you are ready to step up and be a man. There are already enough losers in the world and we do not need an increase in this number. You have done nothing with your life besides change diapers and wear an apron in the kitchen. I do not know why you care what we are doing and how successful we have become. So yeah let me know when you are ready to show your expertise and I will give you the spotlight.

If not, then feel free to STFU. Go back to New York since we do not need any additional losers in Canada. You realize that you are the laughing stock here on the forum and in the waiver industry. smh Btw...go get your certification so that you can start your own fingerprinting business. Stop hiding behind your wife/boss for once in your life.

We will continue to provide information here to help people with their cases. Sorry girl but we are not going anywhere.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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Let me explain for Ken who has NOT HAD A SINGLE CLIENT recently, so would have no way of knowing.

We figured out how to beat the quarantine. You simply say you handed your packet to Homeland Security and didn't get out of your car.

Works like a charm. You see, you have to have ACTAUL clients handing things in and getting waivers to KNOW how to handle these things. Ken is in England, working some other job (in case you were wondering that's why he is only around sporadically) Why does he post so infrequently? We think he has to use an internet cafe actually.

I think he would make a good bellhop actually. Maybe we will see a YouTube video of it in his little uniform.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #20

@ Gaffer You are indeed correct. The Canadian side has said that people will have to "quarantine" if they have exited their vehicle and entered the CBP office for any reason. However, they said that this rule is not applicable if you stay in your vehicle. Obviously, this will not work for waiver applications. Also, we are still the paper applications for our clients and these are progressing just fine. I have not heard that they have stopped esafe processing. I can check with my CBP contacts.

@ John your comments are not even worth a reply. I understand that jealousy can be a bitch/bitter pill for some people to swallow. Although, I understand your swallowing skills are top of the line.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #19

Public Service Announcement

I managed to speak with a Canada Border Services Agency officer at the Rainbow Bridge. Crossing the bridge to the US will make you subject to quarantine requirements. Unless you're an essential worker, you'll have to follow quarantine rules after completing the biometrics at an e-SAFE Port of Entry.

Gaffer replied 3 weeks ago   #18


Okay, thanks. It doesn't sound good.

Gaffer replied 3 weeks ago   #17


Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #16


Right. Sorry for the confusion. Did they both just go there for biometrics and return straight away?

Gaffer replied 4 weeks ago   #15 both cases I mentioned..drivers just dropped off waiver applications and returned to Canada..

Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #14


Thanks for the info. The difference is that truck drivers actually enter the US. If you only go as far as the port of entry and just return to the Canadian side, you're not really entering the US.

Has anyone done this recently?

Gaffer replied 4 weeks ago   #13

@Gaffer, you should check with Canada Customs that you will be going through. At Canada Customs North Portal, they let 1 truck driver return to Canada - no quarantine, the other truck driver - 2 weeks quarantine, even though Truck Drivers are exempt from the quarantine. It seems this is as random as the accepting paperwork. Again, I can only advise what is happening here.

MIchelle replied 4 weeks ago   #12

Can I do biometrics at the Rainbow Bridge port of entry without subjecting myself to quarantine requirements in Canada?

Gaffer replied 4 weeks ago   #11

Apparently on May 25th Immigration Lawyers were notified that Homeland Security was once again doing biometrics at the border. A friend sent this to me and it was posted on some site about immigration pertaining to e-Safe.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #10

Update: I contacted this department, after 2 hours on hold, spoke to a human, who told me that the entire E-Safe program is on hold due to COVID - which we know is not true. I advised that this is not the case and some POE in Canada are accepting paperwork and that e-Safe is available. She was unable to help me further and advised me to email ARO department. So basically, no help from their Washington office.

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For general CBP inquiries, please call the CBP INFO Center Monday-Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
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Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #9


Thank you Michelle… I appreciate you educating me on the process here. I didn’t realize that a FBI fingerprint card was also a requirement.

Magnus replied 4 weeks ago   #8

@Mangus, the waiver package must include an RCMP criminal record check by fingerprints as part of the application. The fingerprinting this required is the FBI card that is done by US Custom officer. This is required if you attend in person or submit by e-safe and are given a fingerprint appointment. I fingerprint on the FBI cards all the time, and have tried submitting them in my client's package, to bypass this step, but so far, US Customs has not accepted them. I hope this helps answer your question.

Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #7


Doesn’t one just have to produce their fingerprints (for example done by the RCMP) to hand in a waiver at an airport? Or do you have to get those done at the airport?

I thought only eSafe required fingerprints be done on site.

Magnus replied 4 weeks ago   #6


So happy to hear that Ontario is accepting eSafe applications for everyone. Here is what is happening out West.

Edmonton International Airport - US Customs is not answering their phone. I have tried for days to get through, I will not send anyone there until I know what is happening.

Calgary International Airport - Officer Wagner? (was hard to understand him) advised that they are not fingerprinting anyone as "all International Airports are no longer fingerprinting people for biometrics) An individual must attend another land border - no airports. He also said that only "essential workers still".

Regway, MT POE is not accepting eSafe or essential workers applications period.

North Portal, ND POE will accept essential workers only - not sure about e-Safe appointments yet.

Vancouver International Airport - I have called for several days - unable to speak to a person - their phone message tell you to contact USA Consulate.

I did not call Peace Arch - as Ken has already advised.

It really seems to be all over the map right now, especially out this way.


Michelle replied 4 weeks ago   #5


So you have a Surrey location? Where is it? You don't list an address, just a mailbox.

BC is now opening almost fully. I notice you don't mention that, or all the gang violence in Surrey that's all over the Canadian news...or even which shot you got.

Because your not a Canadian Citizen, and you no longer live in Canada and haven't for some time.


Buy local, people. Ken is not local.

Ken, I notice your videos never make it to even 50 views. Where are all the lawyers and law enforcement people you supposedly trained?

Less than 50 views is a sad and pathetic response.

J Rogers replied 4 weeks ago   #4

No, you tried to monetize the Ontario esafe program by announcing special info to help people file at the Eastern borders like Niagara. This was a flat-out lie to the members here on the forum. This is why I busted your ass out on here for trying to deceive these people. This is why I freely announced to people here about BC borders taking packets now. I did not try to monetize it. Again, thank you for announcing our Canadian and overseas locations as well.

You are continually giving me free marketing. Although I guess someone has to pay for Jennifer Martel's RAV Guess now you can cross over at Niagara in your Oldsmobile 1989 Delta

K SCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #3

Yeah, nice try sweet cheeks...I was referring to you trying to monetize the Niagara acceptance program last month. Also, you are welcomed to visit me in Surrey BC now if you want. Again nice try and thank you again for letting people know that we have global locations. This is mighty white of you. lol Btw, tell the people that are sitting at the Surrey BC office that they do not exist. Guess they must be in space. Also, how do you get across the border from Lower manhattan? Oh that's right the wife drives you since you are less than a man by hiding behind her skirt. Smh

Yeah, so enjoy your life and don't forget to wipe your greasy

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