Borders are finally opening in November 2021

J Rogersposted 1 week ago

Lets keep this thread about that, including dates we hear about, so people can access it.

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@Michelle Definitely confusing I’m calling peace arch tomorrow as the sumas officer said Yes were doing them for essential and non essential but when he took my info he said my file wasn’t there and to email ARO Now my thought is on Nov 8 it
Will change but the line ups will be hours deep and u need a negative PCR So I’m calling tomorrow and seeing what someone says at peace arch

Gerry65 replied 11 hours ago   #12

@Gerri65, Thanks for into! I have been hesitant to tell my clients that waiver applications would be accepted for non-essential on and after Nov. 8 for Saskatchewan and Alberta, as I have not seen or hear any confirmation that this is true. As John stated - Ontario is and has been processing waivers and providing biometrics through e-safe for a while. Out here, it has not been so easy. I am getting my clients ready to go in case it moves forward, however, I am not submitting any non-essential waivers until the Nov. 8 date. My advise to anyone out West is to check with the E-Safe location that will be doing your bio-metrics, before you submit...

Michelle replied 12 hours ago   #11

Got this today in an email from ARO after calling sumas border who said they are doing biometrics BUT ARO has to send them your file:
Notice to e-SAFE Applicants: In the interest of minimizing exposure and controlling the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, effective March 21, 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Admissibility Review Office temporarily suspended the mandatory biometrics capture for electronic applications filed via e-SAFE for non-essential travel. Applications without biometrics in e-SAFE will remain in a suspended status until January 21, 2022, unless amended or rescinded prior to that time. At that time e-SAFE applications will return to their previous status and timeline requirements.

The Admissibility Review Office (ARO) is unable to comment on what is or would be considered “essential” travel since passenger processing operations fall outside this office’s purview.

Please contact the nearest CBP Field Office and/or nearest CBP port of entry (POE) for guidance regarding “essential” travel to the U.S.

Thank you,
Admissibility Review Office

Gerri65 replied 12 hours ago   #10


The message has ALWAYS says the border is closed. But I have been having clients hand in waivers since May.

Ignore what it says. They will fingerprint you at the Peace Arch.

Also, the FINGERPRINTS are valid for 15 months. Once you PAY, you only have 45 days to get fingerprinted. I have had clients call and get this extended at Niagara Falls.

J Rogers replied 17 hours ago   #9

I'm sorry, maybe I'm confused... I've got my esafe ready to be sent in, but the biometric portion on CBP website says they are suspended until Jan 2022???? Does that mean I cannot get a waiver until they open the biometric part in the border? I live in BC!
My fingerprint part was done last November, and I believe they only accept it within 15 -18 months, so I need to get my forms in thru esafe, but then I have to have my biometrics done within 45 days.... what do I do???

Terri replied 3 days ago   #8


My assumption is the old date ran out and they simply did this because officially the border isn't open yet. After November 8 it MAY change.

Remember, despite this, they are taking waivers at certain borders anyways DESPITE the message that says they are not.

J Rogers replied 3 days ago   #7

I wonder why this update was put on E-safe today? Any ideas? John?

Northern Border Travel Restrictions CBP extended the suspension of biometrics processing at e-SAFE Ports of Entry for non-essential travel. The suspension will remain in effect from 10/22/21 until 01/21/22 unless amended or rescinded prior to that time. See for additional information.

Michelle replied 3 days ago   #6

Apparently the date is November 8. This won't affect me too much, mainly because I am busy with waivers right now.

I do know one thing, unless specifically requested, I will only be using eSAFE. The Border prefers it, clients like it, and it takes out the uncertainty of the Mail.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #3

Note: There is no official date in November
It is not clear regarding waivers - I am going to assume non - essential waivers will be accepted
Not clear on which vaccinations will be accepted - it does clearly state that vaccinated people ONLY
January 2022 - all essential must be vaccinated also.

Michelle replied 1 week ago   #1

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