Border not opening until possibly November 26 2020

J Rogersposted 3 weeks ago

I am sorry everyone, I meant to delete and edit a post and instead I deleted the entire thread.

This is my response to Jazzsax1 who pointed out that Trump may not lose the election.


I agree we have to be careful to make assumptions about who will win. I actually don't think Trump will lose his "base", I think the left will be more mobilized than last time. I have always felt the Republicans have always had the more motivated voters. The wild card is Trump refusing to leave and appealing something to the Supreme Court, where he obviously is planning to stack a majority.

I am trying to be objective about this (its hard because Trump is such a deplorable person) but I do think he has made too many enemies to win.

In late October I was planning to post a thread titled "Who will win and why" and we could all give our opinions, our reasoning, and see who was right or at least the closest. I will say that watching that election was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I was absolutely wrong in my prediction.

I think the biggest issue is that we have to remember popular vote is not the deciding factor. If he wins "certain" States, he could win because of the Electoral Collage. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's predictions, and their reasoning.

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"Electoral college" not electoral collage...which while artistic is not very effective.

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From the News.....

Canada-U.S. border restrictions have been extended until late November

Canada has announced that it is extending non-essential travel restrictions with the United States until November 21st.

In all honesty I doubt there will be ANY borders open until January 2021. Why? Because Texas now has 800 000 cases and their hospitals are at capacity, including the worlds largest hospital which is full. As bad as Canada is getting (we are on a dangerous upswing) The US is MUCH worse.

I hope I am wrong, but I am calling it now. No waivers will be handed in until January 2021 at the earliest. If you actuall ylook at the trending models, I TRUTHFULLY think it might be April 2021. I hope I am wrong.

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All good but he has quite a few which are similiar. Hence, I can post this one that has a lot of the same info from the one posted yerderday.

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@KenScott my apologies I also deleted that article containing the Presidents proclamation, and I think it contained good information, so feel free to post it again.

Sorry again everyone!

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