Border Accepting US Entry Waivers Now

K SCOTTposted 5 days ago

I have proposed a theory that the border will be accepting waiver packets from everyone within 100 days of Biden taking office. Note that this would be irregardless as to whether they are open or closed to nonessential travel. We were sending people done to apply for TN work visas at the border during the COVID-19 closure. The officers still accepted the packets, gave immediate approval, and the clients then entered the USA. Now the guards told me that they only accept TN visa applicants. They will not accept packets for anything else including US Entry Waivers and L-1 Visas. This refusal was based on Trump's executive order freezing green card applications, visas, and such.

My theory is that they may have just lumped US waiver applications right along with the other green card and visa categories per Trump’s declaration. Apparently, this is nonapplicable to TN visas due to treaty obligations? So, think about it for a moment...COVID-19 “apparently” does not infect TN applicants?
However, COVID-19 infects waiver and other work visa clients so they cannot come down and file. Why would the guards say that TN visa people are fine to apply but not L-1 people or waiver applicants? Trump's executive order is dated very closely to the initial border closure. Biden has stated that he will immediately cancel Trump's Green card and visa ban within the first 100 days in office.

So theoretically, Biden cancels the ban say Feb 14(or even Jan 24) and allows visa applications to be processed again. Then theoretically, this should apply to waivers. Hence, then all people could go to the border to file a waiver even though it could still be closed to nonessential travel. Then people would get their approval by mail but could still only enter by air until the land borders reopen for nonessential travel. This is why I suggest people closely follow what Biden does during his first 100 days in office.

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Depending on the success, we may even have you come out to the Surrey BC office after Covid is better.

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The topic of this thread is the hopeful event regarding the border accepting waiver packets very soon. Hence, have no interest in deviating from the stated path. It is too bad that you did not answer any of the questions that I raised in this thread though. It has sunk your credibility even lower than your shoe size 8 shoe size. Hence, everyone here has already seen your true colours as your avoidance of the questions.

Anyway, no need for me to elaborate further since you have already inadvertently made my case for me. I don't blame you since it is probably in your best interest on here to avoid answering since it may literally incriminate you. Let me know how it goes when you cross over tonite using Niagara for when you head back to New York.

On a serious note, you can help me in the quest that I mentioned in the sex assault thread regarding the role-playing slot. I need someone to role play as a bully at one of our seminars when they can resume after Covid. I really do need someone to do this role and you might be a good fit. If you are really serious then we can talk some business. Never mind the houseboy comment and such. I am serious about involving you in this quest if you are interested. You can do it by phone or even Zoom. It is kind of a bully shock-jock type of kinda role. If so, we can chat offline since I will not put it here on this forum. I really do need someone that can play the role very well. I am looking at maybe June-Aug 2021. I have a guy now that is helping as a mentor but we need someone to play the officer bully type role.

Additionally, I appreciate that your trolling level has been reduced.

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K SCOTT replied 9 hours ago   #10

Also, again, I am not going to allow you to troll our locations or our CBP contacts. Hence, you get nothing here regarding information on our locations. If you want to see me directly, then I will whats app you my location and you come and address any grievances directly to my face. If people want to come in, then they already know which of our locations to attend. No one just drops in since I screen every individual before they enter our premises. I advise some people that we need a copy of their picture I.D. before they come in since I want to know who is coming in. These procedures are necessary since Surrey B.C. has a high violent crime rate.

LOL your such a joke. You sound EXACLY like a scammer.

I am in the office every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday like I said. Call and find out....what time is 9-4 in the UK? Are you even up yet?

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #9

@Magnus yes you are correct as usual since Obama was much more welcoming regarding opening up the USA to visitors.

@John still seem to have trouble understanding logical data. It is funny how you claim to be in the office at these times since this is not the case. A certain number of people have gone to the office and they only saw Jennifer. You were apparently nowhere to be seen so you should be honest about this fact.
Only 1 girl saw you walk into the office and you only went to talk to Jennifer.

Apparently, you tried to make a quick sale and you could not even answer her basic pardon questions and she walked out. She also said that you had one of those 2-way radio type cellphones and would get pings regarding being told to call customers complaining about cable services or such? I am not familiar with the brand. We are doing her case for free and she is now one of my growing lists of affiliates from this forum.

Also, again, I am not going to allow you to troll our locations or our CBP contacts. Hence, you get nothing here regarding information on our locations. If you want to see me directly, then I will whats app you my location and you come and address any grievances directly to my face. If people want to come in, then they already know which of our locations to attend. No one just drops in since I screen every individual before they enter our premises. I advise some people that we need a copy of their picture I.D. before they come in since I want to know who is coming in. These procedures are necessary since Surrey B.C. has a high violent crime rate.

Apparently, you do not recall the YouTube video interviews from clients that came to the Surrey location. We are not desperate like you and do not take drop-in clients. Jennifer’s business has a different structure regarding people that drop in for passport photos and such. So yeah, common sense dictates that anyone can drop in for a photo or go to a photo shop. You are also surrounded by 3 or 4 fingerprint companies that also take drop-in clients and this is fine. No one wants to drop to see you John since they can smell your desperation to make a sale. Do you not understand that people do not like being sold to and such?

Again, my guys sometimes go out to the homes or their work sites...depending on who is the client. Common sense should also tell you that we would not be in existence if we only had a mailbox. So please ensure that your information is factually correct before you post it.

Also, I want to thank you for your previous post since I actually needed something from you stating that this is your location. You probably do not remember that I had previously reported you to I.C.E for your prior posts telling people to make false statements to CBP at the border when seeking entry. Btw what you did is a violation under 18 U.S.C. I needed something where you voluntarily admitted to being tied into a specific location. We are doing a waiver case now for a gentleman that got 24 months in U.S. federal prison for getting convicted of making false statements to CBP when trying to enter the USA.

So, thank you for this post since I now have a paper copy. I will be forwarding this info to I.C.E along with your I. P. address that you used when you visit our site. They may pull you in when you head back to New York from Ontario. Do you deny the fact that you previously told people here on this forum to lie to CBP at the border?

Btw, for the record, can you also answer why you previously told people on this forum to lie to CBP officers at the port of entry? You claim to be “professional”, yet you have actively encouraged people here to violate U.S. federal law among other things. You claim to be “accredited yet your name is not on the 2019 accreditation letter in my possession (or the older one) on Jennifer’s business. Do you deny the fact that I have a copy of both letters?

You also claim to be knowledgeable, but you only threw night market prices at the guy in the other thread that had a sex offence related question. Why didn’t you answer his questions about his case? Why did you not elaborate on the CBP adjudication process regarding how they process sex offence cases to include the usage of the SORNA charts and how they are applicable on sex crime waiver cases? You only desperately told him that you would do his case for $650. John, the same tenacity (look it up) that I put into my posts is the same tenacity that we put into resolving border crossing issues. This is why we have the 98-99% success rate.

Again, you are making my case for me when we continually warn people about the dangers of Discount Waiver Companies. Luckily, we just got another one shut down in Ontario. In your defence though, my administrator just told me to stop feeding the troll.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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K SCOTT replied 1 day ago   #8

Interesting and slightly longish article.

I’m going to surmise that Biden’s immigration plan will make it less difficult for Canadians to be granted waivers. Clinton had wanted to overhaul the immigration system but unfortunately we got a racist, xenophobic white supremacist for 4 years.

Magnus replied 2 days ago   #7

@Terry if you are good until late 2021, then you have the time to hopefully get yours handed in. Homeland Security has been consistent in the conflicting stories they tell everyone. We have only had the one client able to hand in a waiver, despite a few being told they could. I am waiting to see if anyone else has success at the same border.

@Ken Biden doesn't get to unilaterally open the border. Trump wanted it open for months, Trudeau kept saying no. If you were still in Canada you would realize that Canadians are not in favor of Americans flooding in to Canada. The US has no such concern. 4000 people a DAY are dying in the US presently. When the US has it "under control", then CANADA will be ok with opening the border.

Ken, read your comments and ask you sound professional?

During the lockdown, I am in my office Tuesday and Thursday 9-4 and Saturday 11-2. That's a Canadian office in Brampton. Open for ANYONE to walk in.
96 Kennedy Road South Suite 205. That's a place, not a mailbox.

Where and when are your office hours Ken? If someone wants to MEET you, please give details.

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #6

Anyway, let's all work together here on these border issues and keep the conversation positive. We all have enough on our plates with Covid and dealing with the borders in general. Let us also not be focused on trying to make a quick cheap sale. People do not like being sold to and mostly come here for support. I and Michelle will do our part to avoid the negativity. If any other waiver provider keeps focusing on negativity then they are the lone one in the end. People that contact me from this forum tell me that they want positive vibes and genuine help with their case. The 3 of us should set the example for positivity and keep biased opinions to ourselves. I say this for the betterment of the group. So I am willing to adhere to these basic core principles if other providers are willing to do the same and refrain from jealousy.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #5

@Michelle thank you for your valuable opinion. I said that it is only a theory and John apparently does not know what the word means. He is not even in Canada himself unless you count crossing over back and forth from New York. He has no clue what he is doing since he told me on the phone that he does Utilities Consulting. His wife actually owns the business and is the only accredited fingerprint tech listed on the accreditation letter. I have copies of both letters and his name is not listed anywhere. I have it in a folder with the adult pic of him wearing the 1980’s karate kid uniform that looks like a WW2 parachute.

@John it is really too bad that you are so illiterate. Most people that watch the news have already heard that Biden has specifically stated that he has specific goals to accomplish in his first 100 days in office. Anyway, anyone with any degree of common sense know that people have various sources to obtain their news. The internet is just one source. I know that you are an aging baby boomer from the Vietnam war era and have not kept up with the times. Hence, I do not mind correcting you.

Also, younger people just do not sit in front of the TV like you to get their 6pm news. They get it from a variety of sources like the internet. Again, this is not 1978. You should already know this based on your cable sales. Furthermore, this is 2021 and John there is something called a global market now. This system allows people to communicate globally in a variety of ways for commerce and other things. Hence this is why we also have a London U.K. location to accompany the ones in B.C. Canada.

Why don’t you just be a man for once in your life and just come out and admit that you constantly mention England because you think people will hear you and think they cannot see Ken. Yeah, I guess people that have seen me in the Surrey BC office did not see me? Perhaps they saw an android? Your level of stupid is appalling but then again you are a New Yorker so go figure. You still do not seem to realize that I do not see every client since I have other people that work with me and other locations. I like to use the term work with as opposed to work for.

It is too bad that you are just a bitter old man. Let us look at the real reason why you constantly “attempt” to bash. It burns you up that a successful cocky brown guy has been able expand his business beyond Jennifer’s business. We all know the real deal as this has been pointed out to me by people that contact me from this forum.

You can just come out of the closet and say it since you would not be the first. You do not even own the business and do not even have any power in your own home. Remember, I heard the little kids crying in the background and you dashed off the phone before Jennifer heard You have no power at home and are essentially a houseboy. Hence, you try to impotently make up for your power loss by trying to pick fights with Hats Boots, me, and others.

I told you before that I could give you a job (or loan) since I understand that COVID-19 has knocked you down. I have a friend that is a Wall street stockbroker. He needs a houseboy to run errands and polish his shoes. He is willing to pay $25.00hr. I will pass on your number since he is in Upper Manhattan, you obviously have experience and can take the subway there.

@ Terry thanks for the good info.

K SCOTT replied 3 days ago   #4

As a Canadian sailor delivering salt from ontario to Buffalo immigration says they are not taking waiver packets they have no information when they will I have been told waiver will not be extended mine expires end of 2021

Terry w replied 4 days ago   #3


Ken has no clue what is happening...he isn't even in Canada. The border isn't closed because of Trump, its closed because of Trudeau.

If Ken was in Canada he would know

-Saskatchewan has the highest per capita rate of infections (due to a right wing Premier who thinks white people can't get infected)
-Quebec has a curfew now, no being out after 8 pm
-Alberta is a mess (another conservative premier, more worried about businesses than people)
-Ontario is at its highest count ever, and we are in ANOTHER stricter lockdown until mid February,on top of the one we were in

The United States is a MESS. We don't want Americans crossing into Canada, so although Trudeau extended the closure until February 21 (again, Ken would not know this) Easter is in my mind the most likely possibility. That is in April. May would not surprise me either, but Micheel, you and I are in Canada.

Ken and his "100 days" is stuff he reads on the internet, while you are watching the news every day like me.

J Rogers replied 4 days ago   #2

@Ken, Interesting, let's hope so. I am hoping for April / May also. I am not familiar or an expert regarding Visas or that type of Immigration purposes for USA, so cannot expand on your comments. All I can say, is I have a I-192 Waiver client who is in the process of applying for an I-601 and it has been extremely difficult for him, due to court documents and Police File destroyed years ago, and he is unable to confirm gram amount of marijuana for a conviction that he received 35 years ago. Hopefully, with Biden in office, he will be granted the I-601 as he is engaged to marry a USA Citizen.

Michelle replied 5 days ago   #1

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