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Michelleposted 2 months ago

This is an interesting article...currently does not apply to I-192 Travel Waivers, but possible in the future? I have done several medical waivers, although not for a few years. Those require documentation showing who is going to pay for the medical bills and a considerable amount of medical reports, along with proof of secured - available funds.. This might effect medical waivers in the future. John. do you do very many medical waivers? I call them that, they are still I-192 applications but for health issues..

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@Michelle, yes very sad. I have been doing waivers since 1997 so sometimes when I follow up on an old file you find out the person has passed away, or sometimes the wife/husband has passed away, and its very sad.

There was a company in Toronto that did waivers called "Court Agents" which was a one man show, Larry BenDavid. I used to not be a fan because he would charge a LOT of money, and he specialized in waivers mainly. Anyways, he eventually had a stroke, and then died, and his son tried to unravel the mess his father had created, he had taken a lot of money but hadn't done any work as he became sick. His son just shut the business down. I remember feeling sad about this, and when a former client comes in of his (I have several) it makes you think of the finality of all this. But even when a "competitor" passes away, it still feels very upsetting.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #6

@John, it is stories like this that make it all the hard work and frustration worth while..I had had clients pass away before they received their Pardon or Waiver, and it really bothers me..especially when the paperwork comes in a few weeks after they died... :(

Michelle replied 2 months ago   #5

@Michelle yes the guy would come and see us every few weeks, and he was in his 30's but looked worse and worse. We thought he was not going to make it for sure, he had a rare forms of cancer. So we charged him the first time, but after that we just kept doing them for free. Our biggest fear was obviously that he wouldn't make it before the waiver arrived. We were so scared the next call from him would be a family member telling us bad news. They told him every time, "this is your last Port Parole" but then they would give him another.

It saved his life. He is in full remission and has a waiver now. It was literally the highlight of our year here in the office. Homeland Security deserves some credit too. The Niagara Falls/Buffalo border is fantastic. As much as Homeland Security frustrates me at times, when they are compassionate it really restores my faith in that department, that at times, they can really do the right thing.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #4

@ John, LOL...no...thanks!!!..it is too much work...wow, that is very impressive to receive 4 port paroles..I must say...I only received 2 for the same person...Has there been any updates regarding the fees that you have heard?

Michelle replied 2 months ago   #3

@Michelle I don't think I have done any for that purpose, although I have recently had a client who got 4 consecutive port paroles, waiting for experimental cancer treatment. So the waiver was FOR the cancer treatment. Is this the type you mean? In his case it saved his life, but the treatment was free (because it was experimental I think)

Apparently the medical waiver community has shunned me. LOL Therefore, I crown you the "foremost medical waiver specialist" on this forum. Sick people, please flock to Michelle.

J Rogers replied 2 months ago   #2

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