BIG NEWS! Non Essential Waivers can be handed appointment only eSAFE only.

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

I have the details. This is for Ontario. This does not mean it isn't happening elsewhere, it simply means I have an actual way to do this for Ontario ports of entry.

So this is CONFIRMED. I have an actual client who did this process, just got his 5 year waiver.

Call me or Michelle for details.

416-843-1371 is my information,

Michelle is
Text: 306.531.8886

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Any updated word on whether any POEs out west are taking waiver applications via eSAFE or otherwise?

Magnus replied 5 days ago   #18


I am not surprised it is not everywhere.

Buffalo is, and I have been told Detroit is, although my clients will be avoiding Detroit.

J Rogers replied 5 days ago   #17

We talked to the ogdensburg border , south of Ottawa and we’re told that they are not excepting wavers yet

Hurricane replied 6 days ago   #16

Again, for those that missed it.

Non essential Waivers being accepted in Ontario at the border, as far as we know, by eSafe only.

J Rogers replied 6 days ago   #15


Thank you for clarifying. I find the "non" eSafe are only about 60 days or less. You shouldn't have to wait too long.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #14

@J Rogers yes I called the number you gave earlier talked to immigration she told me no appointment for essential ships crew they were able to take me due to the fact my time in Port of Hamilton was short did not use esafe they were not sure how long for paper applications was told esafe is quicker please note I didn't use esafe as I do not have a computer on board

Rex replied 1 week ago   #13


So just to clear up any confusion,

-you are an essential worker
-you did not need an appointment? (because essential)
- and they took a paper application? It didn't have to be eSafe?

And this was all at the Rainbow Bridge?

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #12

Just got back from rainbow bridge handed in my paper waiver renewal had no problem just walked in as I was told by immigration essential worker don’t need appointment no long wait either whoever this ken fellow is he is wrong that walk ins are not allowed his source is wrong now just wait for my waiver try rainbow bridge if you need waiver they are quick and pleasant to deal with

Rex replied 2 weeks ago   #11


I don't know about other border crossing near Ottawa to be honest. Ottawa Airport absolutely not. (yet) But you might find it is worth the drive to the other borders.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #10

So here is my question to whoever can answer:
I have a 5 year waiver that will expire shortly. Can I renew it (esafe) at a border crossing near Ottawa?? It would be for non essential travel, when things get back to normal.

Judy replied 2 weeks ago   #9

@Ken "zoom" Scott

You keep making shows.

My clients are handing in Waivers.


John Rogers
Senior "busy" Waiver guy

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #8

@ Magnus The Niagara border told me earlier that it is currently a policy for the Eastern borders at the moment. You can also call them at 716 843-8521 but they said that they take both paper and e-safe.

@ John Well, you claim to have "evidence" but all waiver providers have evidence of preparing a waiver packet. We have lockers of recent "evidence" but it is nothing to brag or broadcast since the US Entry Waivers give people the authority to temporarily visit the USA. I understand why you are upset that we did not post it. However, I have often said that certain things we do not post since DWcs are always seeking ways to increase their business. You just tried to do it by presenting your "discovery." You also still have the fixation with England for some reason.

However, you can hear the show and can perhaps educate yourself. Also, let's not talk about manure since everyone here already knows that you are and have repeatedly been proven to be full of it.

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #7


I only know of 2, both in Ontario. I was also told they only wanted eSafe for now. we are all waiting for news about this and you "knew it all along" but never said anything?

As I said, I have ACTUAL evidence this works, and has been done. I posted it. You can believe evidence, or you can trust Ken "Zoom" Scott.
Ken, I think its clear you have gotten a job in England which stops you from being able to get to a computer during the day.

"Busy"? You can't be busier than me. 7 days a week, wall to wall fingerprints, but still able to get to computer.

I hope its something decent at least. I would like to say its something do with agriculture, since "manure" would be something your familiar with. You certainly shovel enough of it online.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #6

So how many POEs do you believe are taking waivers for non-essentials whether by eSAFE or the “regular” way?

Magnus replied 2 weeks ago   #5

Well yeah, John we have many areas that we specialize in. We are also busy attending relevant seminars and obtaining material that will strengthen our waiver cases even more. We now have additional tools since it is my personal endeavour to maintain our now 99% success rate on waiver cases. It is major work and sometimes we have lost sleep maintaining this level of efficiency.

It is good that you are finally now getting a few people into your locked-down office and I wish you well. Anyway, listen to the radio show later and even you can learn a few things Sport. It is too bad that you were not honest with the people about the Border process back East. Don't worry since we are back and can dedicate some more time to the forum now. We have another project that will be of extreme interest to the forum members. My people are just putting the final touches on it and we will announce it as such.

However, it is not cool to deceive these people by claiming a "special process" since I have already spelled it out for the people here. It is also not cool to try and drag Michelle into your scheme since it could give the appearance that she is also in on the scheme as well. It is fine if she supports your scheme but you should not drag her into it unless she supports it as well. Maybe next time you can provide complete clarification to the people here on the "special process." smh

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #4

Ok, so I will provide additional clarification for people here. According to my Niagara contact, the borders like Niagara are taking waiver packets by paper or
e-safe. The big thing is that you cannot just drop down since you must call 716 843-8521 for an appointment either for e-safe or the paper application. My source recommended the e-safe since he said that paper packets will sit on someone's desk for a few years. They also explained that they are doing this process because they do not want a 5-year backlog of people coming down and filing all at once. Again, this was touched upon by the ARO director when she discussed the CBP waiver acceptance procedures.

Again, CBP will still be taking paper packets and e-safe applications. So, it is not really a big secret per se since we have already sent some people back East to Niagara for this reason. We are waiting for the BC borders to start accepting the packets for nonessential cases. It is my understanding that this should be happening soon. We have a separate staff member that will focus on the Niagara area.

Also, do not rush down to this border to file until your case has been fully prepared and vetted. This is one of the projects that we have been working on as well. We are trying to ensure that people actually need these waivers before they file this paperwork. We are getting some people that wanted to file and discovered that either they did not a waiver, may qualify for the lifetime clearance, or did not even qualify for a waiver for various reasons. Most of these people tried to prepare it themselves or had a Discount Waiver Company prepare their application.

Again, know before you go people. We will also try to dedicate some additional time back to this forum now that our projects are evened out now. Anyway, you now have the basic info to get started on your waiver case. You can do your own if you have a simple case. Contact us if you have a complex waiver case since we are slowly shifting to this area on our waiver cases. As usual, we are always here to provide you guidance and still wish to thank the members here that have contacted us.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #3

This is the information about the client who used this process to do his application.

4/22/2021, 09:34 AM EDT : Status changed to Completed
4/8/2021, 06:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
4/7/2021, 09:15 AM EDT : Status changed to Paid
4/6/2021, 05:53 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
4/6/2021, 03:29 PM EDT : Application Created

He got a 5 year waiver. As you can see it is SUPER fast.

While Ken does seminars, I will be getting my clients waivers.

Enjoy your Zoom class Ken!!

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #2

Well John you are late for the party. This process was touched upon at the CBP Seminar that I recently mentioned. This process is not at the BC borders yet but will be arriving soon. People only need to call the Buffalo border at 716 843-8521 to inquire. We have already sent some people to this border to do this process. However, it will be at the BC borders soon. There is no special process to file these packets. Also, aren't you always the one to imply misleading information?

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
888 908-3841
604 332-9213

K SCOTT replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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