Are borders accepting waiver packages?

BackToUSAposted 2 weeks ago

I hired Pardons Canada 2 years ago to help with my first time waiver for an offence that is nearly 20 years old.

Since I read on here that they’re accepting packages again I asked PC to get to work and tell me what else I have to do to get the process rolling.

On May 31 they gave me the reply of “ We have received the court records from the XXX courthouse for your Waiver application.

Unfortunately the US border is not accepting waiver applications at this time.

They have extended the closure until June 21, 2021.

Once the border opens for submissions you will be advised.

Thank you”

I have written back asking again to get the process underway and they don’t reply in 9 days.

What’s the real story? Can I submit the waiver package? How do I get them to hand over the documents that they have so I can work to this goal?


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@Michelle Calais Maine - under Boston Field Office

BackToUSA replied 3 hours ago   #16

@Backtousa....that is great news, can you advise which location this is? Thanks!

Michelle replied 23 hours ago   #15

@Michelle I found an updated list of crossing eSafe is available at and called the one closest to me. They are processing ESSENTIAL workers only, I read my letter to them and they agreed I would be able to be processed.

They asked how I was doing my job and I explained I was doing the half in Canada and then handing to someone in the same position who finished the USA Half (or vice versa).

BackToUSA replied 1 day ago   #14

@John, Thanks! I called, because I have a client who is going to Calgary in a few weeks, and we thought "let's try e-safe and see if it works." Currently, North Portal is the only border crossing here in Saskatchewan that is accepting essential workers in person only.

Michelle replied 1 day ago   #13

@Michelle, I think you really did talk to the FUTURE. Your THAT good.

Pearson Airport is also not taking applications. Montreal borders seem to be taking only essential truck drivers. BC apparently is taking applications (we have been told)

How about the Sask border with the US? I understand the Airports using covid as an excuse etc, but the land borders?

J Rogers replied 1 day ago   #12

I spoke to Calgary Customs today (June 23) about e-safe. He was less then friendly, and advised that - "if I went onto the e-safe site, I would see that it is closed until July 21, 2023" and "no they are not accepting appointments to do biometrics for waiver applications". I explained that some locations in Ontario are accepting e-safe, his response. "Well I suggest you go there" So again, if you are thinking about trying e-safe, check with US Customs close to you first.

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Edit, July 21, 2021

Michelle replied 1 day ago   #11


there is a whole thread on here where I am constantly posting RESULTS with the date and saying they are ALL for eSafe.

I know because I posted it. If your not in Ontario of BC I do not know where else you can get fingerprinted, but SURPRISE, the site is WRONG.

J Rogers replied 2 days ago   #10

@WaiverUSA, please advise where you are located, as Ontario seems to be moving forward with E-safe and fingerprinting. However, out West it is a different story. Depending on where you are located, will depend on the answer provided. Thanks!

Michelle replied 2 days ago   #9

Question here regarding biometrics at the border. If I file with eSafe, are the borders open for biometrics since they are closed until July 21st? The e-Safe website says they've suspended biometrics processing at the borders.


waiverUSA replied 2 days ago   #8

@J Rogers
They called me today after I was very pushy yesterday.
eSafe is now available at Calais and Houlton Maine!!
We are waiting for my new fingerprints and then they’re filing for me and I will do eSafe close to home.
Thank you for the names - I am sure they helped!!

BackToUSA replied 1 week ago   #7

I have a colleague who does Waivers out there. Call me and I will give you his number and he can help you out.

J Rogers replied 1 week ago   #6

@J Rogers Montreal where is taking applications? eSafe? I will be there in late June/early July so that may be my best bet.
Appointment for new fingerprints is made.
Thanks for taking my call last week - been on the phone to PC and I am waiting for a "senior executive" to return my call today.

BackToUSA replied 1 week ago   #5


Where are you located?

My advice? Talk to Andrew, the owner. Don't talk to staff or his wife.

This company was started by Ian Lavine years ago and Andrew was one of his "best" salesmen. Meaning he was the best at squeezing money out of people for very little results.

Montreal is also taking applications.

I am confident the border will re-open soon. Remember your fingerprints are good for 15 months. You need to get your documents NOW because when they DO re-open, your going to be competing with a hundred other Pardons Canada clients to get your waiver done, and they will just stall you and stall you.

Pardons Canada is the laziest organization out there. They pay a LOT of money to be top of the google search, but once they have you.....its basically just a fantasy camp of "making YOU do the waiver".

The sad part? They have the resources to do things the RIGHT way, but choose not to. I could fill a FILING cabinet with former Pardons Canada clients. Every time someone quits working there, they come and see me and try and sell me "leads" they have stolen.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #4

Wish I would have found you before contracting them to do the job. But unfortunately they seem to have all the documents and just won't send them to me.
I'm not in a terrible rush, but would like to file as I feel the border opening coming sooner rather than later. Won't be using eSafe as I would have to fly to get to Niagara and the $ involved isn't worth the speed for me.
Are traditional paper applications with fingerprints at a non-eSafe border being processed? Do you have a time frame for those?
I emailed PC again and told them to get off the pot and send me my documents. Will keep bothering them until they do, but I really have no desire to send anything back to them once I have the docs.

BackToUSA replied 2 weeks ago   #3

Feel free to call me BacktoUSA

John Rogers.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #2


How can you be asking what the real story is when I have been BASHING Pardons Canada forever on here.

Did you not see the thread that shows this?

Last Conviction in 2009
First waiver. 5 years.

He could not believe how fast it was.

6/7/2021, 10:03 AM EDT : Status changed to Completed
5/31/2021, 01:03 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
5/27/2021, 02:47 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
5/27/2021, 02:44 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
5/26/2021, 04:15 PM EDT : Application Created

That is one of 6 examples I have posted.

eSAFE works incredibly well. The speed as you can see is unparalleled.

A typical waiver application works like this;

-Client comes to office, does fingerprints, gives basic information. Also gets a couple of documents to gather.
-2 weeks later, fingerprints are in. Client makes appointment to come back to office with documents.
-Clients documents are scanned. All documents scanned. Client goes home and file is entered and uploaded into eSAFE. They take all the documents WITH them
-Client is told file is completed and either a) enter their payment into eSAFE or b)I will do it for them.
-Client then makes appointment at Niagara Falls. Usually they can go next day
-Once Fingerprints are done at Niagara Falls, waiver is uploaded into their eSAFE profile. They get an email indicating "your file has been updated" from Homeland Security

As you can see above, some files take 2 weeks. Some are as little as 7 days. I will give the clients the option when the border opens but I will encourage eSAFE to be the #1 choice.

As you can see, there is transparency here, and proof from ACTUAL clients that this works. This is why I am posting some of the "read-outs" so people can see actual results. Please let me know if there is any other information that is helpful.

Lesson? Stop letting Pardons Canada RIP YOU OFF. I have been doing waivers at the border through eSAFE since May.

Andrew and his wife are basically pretending the border is still closed, when in fact I am up to 20 waivers GRANTED since May.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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