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af9707posted 1 month ago


My current I194 is expiring in September. I am trying to get everything together to apply again but have a couple questions and hope some people here could help me out.

My current list of what I need to get together:

form i-192 (fill out and print i-192.pdf)
evidence of citizenship (photo copied passport)
official police record from RCMP (acquire from local police office)
written statement, signed at bottom, detail crimes and conviction
official court record (request from courts)
fingerprint card (FD-258) to be completed by CBP officer at time of submission
copy of previously issued i-194

My main question is that I do not have an official court record. I had requested it from the court in which I was convicted and received this reply:


I apologize for the delay

Unfortunately your file is sealed and there for no access is allowed;

No access to a sealed court record or a sealed document within the court record unless the court makes an order allowing access. Additional order allowing registry to make copies required.

If you need this for something you will have to do an application to a judge for it.

Thank you

Since I know that DHS has a record of it already (from my previous application) is this something that I need to go through to acquire for the new application?

Is there anything else I am missing that stands out directly to anybody?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate the time anyone takes to read this!

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I will also be receiving a letter from the court specifying my specifics and why they cannot access my sealed court case.

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Also, do you know if photographs of the required documents (my old i-194 form, passport) are acceptable or should I do scans of them? I don't have easy access to a scanner..

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@J Rogers

Thanks a lot for all the help I appreciate it a lot. I think I have gotten everything together and will be certifying my application Monday.

Thanks all!

af9707 replied 1 month ago   #11


No. Your purpose is vacations and holidays probably. The date you want to enter would be like "September 1" or something. The date you want to USE THE WAIVER TO TRAVEL.

Also, make sure you picking the EXACT same location on the waiver application that you want to get fingerprinted at. After the waiver is granted you can travel through ANY port of entry.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #10

@J Rogers

I just called the port that is nearest to me and they confirmed they are doing e-Safe electronic fingerprinting and to call and schedule when I am ready to do so.

So in the travel information area would I put that I am going on the date scheduled to get my fingerprinting done, that I will only be there a couple hours and that my purpose is to get fingerprinting?

Do I submit/certify my application before I schedule fingerprinting or after?

af9707 replied 1 month ago   #9


You put the port of entry that you want to go get fingerprinted at. So I put Buffalo and then Rainbow Bridge, and then I make my clients go to that specific port.

If they go to another "Buffalo" Port, for some reason they cannot locate the file. This is why you need to make sure you are going tot he Port that is right now doing biometrics in BC (assuming there is only one, there could be more)

It was posted earlier that a Port in BC is now taking non essential waivers.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #8

@J Rogers

I have started the eSafe application, I am in British Columbia and have a PoE near me which is on the list of ones accepting applications.

I will be getting my fingerprints on Friday and believe I have everything else in order other then my personal letter.

Are you saying I don't need to schedule a digital fingerprinting with a US CBP Port of Entry? That would be nice.

One other question, on the application I-192 Form on the Travel Information page it reads as such:

Travel Information
Location at Which you Plan to Enter the United States (desired Port-of-Entry)
*20.a. City
*20.b. State
*21. Name of Port-of-Entry
*22. How do you plan to travel to the United States? (For example, by plane, ship, car)
*23. When do you plan to enter the United States? (mm/dd/yyyy)
*24. Approximate Length of Stay in the United States
*25. What is the purpose of your stay in the United States? Explain fully below.

I do not know the exact date and PoE I am planning to cross.. This is for a 5 year application. Is it irrelevant? Can I just enter any date and any PoE with any reason for crossing?

Thanks again!

af9707 replied 1 month ago   #7, you did not speak out of turn, in fact, I am glad that you are on board to provide good information and help others. This is what this site is all about, and I am glad to hear that through this site you were able to get a waiver on your own and now be able to help others. You definitely come across as being very knowledgeable.

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #6

Hi, no no I have no company at all. I am just sharing my personal experience only. I hope I haven’t spoken out of turn!? I absolutely worked thru the process by myself. I relied on so much info from persons like yourself to navigate the complicated application process from this site. My 1st waiver was done with a Toronto company. To be brutally honest I really couldn’t afford to pay the company to do my renewal waiver and then the fee to US CBP this time around. I just kept reading and reading all the updates on here and took my time to go through it. I asked questions too. That’s all. My offence was theft under dating back to 1995 and I was stopped at the border over 10 years ago and told to get a waiver.

K replied 1 month ago   #5

@af907- did you go through a freedom of information request?

max replied 1 month ago   #4

@K..Thanks for info.. Are you involved in a Company that helps people with Waivers? or are you advising from personal experience? My impression from above description is that your involvement is more then personal. Please let us know, and feel free to advertise your company. No one on here minds the completion, as long as it is correct information. This is a good site for sharing history and experience, but also to advertise your services..

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #3


You are on the right track, but you are missing reference letters, and you also need a police record based on fingerprints, not local.

Also, you don't need to provide the FBI card. As for the court record, do you have a photocopy of the old one? If not, just upload the letter you got from the court.

What part of Canada are you in? Are you doing this through e-Safe?

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #2

Just got renewal 5 years! Use E-Safe it is all that! Very user friendly and straightforward.

1. Citizenship/Passport
2. Copy of old Waiver
3. 2 reference letters
4. Personal statement signed at bottom
5. Court letter stating my court records are not available for whatever reason
6. Job letter is helpful
7. Fingerprints from RCMP

What Must Be Submitted With the Application?

The Form I-192 application package must include the following documentation:

Evidence of your Citizenship.
Completed Form I-192 signed and submitted by you (no copies).
A properly executed Form G-28 must be included with the application if you have retained an authorized person to represent you on this specific application.
U.S. Fingerprint card FD-258 or an electronically captured fingerprints that will be completed by a U.S. CBP Officer at the time of submission of your application.
Form G-325A is not needed when filing the most recent version of the Form I-192. However, the ARO will continue to accept older versions that still require a Form G-325A completed and signed by you.
If you have a criminal record in any other country's court system, you must obtain a copy of the applicable record or an official letter from the court of jurisdiction stating the reason why a copy of the record is not available.
Canadians: To obtain verification of your criminal record or evidence of a lack thereof from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) by submitting your fingerprints on Form C216C. The returned Civil Product and any accompanying records must be dated and endorsed by the RCMP within 15 months of submission with your Form I-192. For instructions, addresses and payment information, please visit the RCMP website.
Do not submit the Form I-192 application until you have obtained the documents from the RCMP. Incomplete packages will not be processed.
A copy of the official court record from the actual court of conviction indicating plea indictment, conviction and disposition for each and every crime committed anywhere in the world.
If you are inadmissible to the United States because of a criminal conviction, you should submit a statement in your own words, signed by you, explaining the circumstances of each arrest, conviction, and sentence or fine imposed. In addition, you should submit any evidence or explanation of your reformation of character or rehabilitation such as counseling or rehabilitation programs completed, current employment, marital status, community service etc. or any other information you wish to be considered and you believe strengthens your request.

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