Application pending and travel with current valid waiver

Nathanposted 1 year ago

I have applied for a new waiver Feb 2023, but my current waiver is valid till August 2023, can I travel to US with my current valid waiver?

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Direct from experience with Border Guard.
yes, traveled 2 days before it expired for cross border shopping.
CBP clearly stated, you must exit US before it expires.

That means, let's say today is 1st, it expires 11:59pm on 4th.
So as long as you enter & inform CBP that you will leave by 4th you are good. According to them on 5th you should not be in US or you may be screwed on your future application.

David79 replied 9 months ago   #4

The question was about waiver not passport so irrelevant response.

Marsha replied 1 year ago   #3

You are allowed to enter the USA as long as your waiver and passport are both deemed valid. Note that someone could have a valid unexpired waiver but only maybe 2 months remaining on their passport. Thus they technically are inadmissible under 7a since their passport is not valid. This is why sometimes it can get tricky answering some questions here on the forum with having all the facts.

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