Anything to Prepare for or am I just Psyching Myself out?

T Raptorsposted 3 weeks ago


Had a question for people with experience flying/traveling in general with their waivers.

I have a big trip booked in April and will be flying across the border and just wondering if there is anything I should be prepared for?

I have already tried crossing a land border with my newly appointed waiver and it went by fairly smooth. I was taken into secondary and paid the 6 month processing fee.

I have had very unpleasant experiences with border officers which is causing me anxiety before my trip. For example during the application process I was even scolded for handing in my waiver application "too late" in the evening even though I went straight there after work...

Crossing the border with my waiver was also an embarrassing experience as the officer was calling me a "trouble maker" and such in front of my friend.

I am just worried if flying could be a different story and the border officer may nitpick at something and deny me entry even with my waiver.

Hoping someone can help with some tips or ease my mind before my trip.

Thank you

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@T Raptors

I didn't see the border you used, but yes, many of the worst ones are the "24 hours" ones. In Ontario Detroit is a 24/7 border and I never send my clients there. too much hassle no matter when people go.

At Woodstock/Houlton they say "come whenever" but on the phone they made it clear they really want 9-5.

I prefer places with appointments, my clients have better experiences.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #9

@Marsha thank you and no worries, I should have included some more details in my initial post, but did not want to make it too long.

And yes you are correct as well regarding the appointment. I had called in beforehand to ask if I need to book a time and they told me to just come in whenever since they are open 24 hours. Which I did and was still scolded for it.

Sorry to hear your flight was cancelled, I hope you are able to reschedule soon.

T Raptors replied 3 weeks ago   #8

@skumar, yes it is open around the clock for crossing. I don’t know were the poster went to submit his application. Perhaps he didn’t need an appointment and application could be submitted at anytime there.

Marsha replied 3 weeks ago   #7

@Msrsha I think the border is open 24 hours to cross once we have our waiver. We need an appointment only when we are submitting biometrics for the waiver application. Is it not?

skumar replied 3 weeks ago   #6

@T Raptors let me apologize if I’ve offended you in anyway. I did not know the border crossing you went to is open 24 hours. The one I wert to (Rainbow Bridge) isn’t and I had to make an appointment. I was told the last appointment is at 9:00pm

Based on your update, there is absolutely no reason for them to do that at.

My flight out of Pearson is canceled so I’ll have to wait to make that trip.

Good luck with your travels and I do hope you have a better experience than you did previously.

Msrsha replied 3 weeks ago   #5

I didn't think my post was very funny or contradicting in any manner, but here are more details to help paint the picture better of my experiences.

1. The border office is open 24 hours. I finish work at 5:30pm, drove there and walked in around 7pm. As soon as I walked in I was given dirty looks and greeted with "another one?! can you people come earlier?!". Their attitude was so bad that I just ended up telling them it's ok and I'll come back another day.

2. I said "fairly smooth". There was literally no reason for him to call me a "trouble maker" or asking me if I'm coming across to commit crime in their country or give me attitude in front of my friend; he did it because he could. After getting past the initial border officer, the gentleman helping me in secondary was kind and professional.

Please let me know of your experience at the airport. Thank you

T Raptors replied 3 weeks ago   #4

@T Raptors your post made me laugh. Lolll. I don’t think they cared that you came from work- that would be only important to you. And you said it has been smooth in the beginning of your post but then you said it was embarrassing so doesn’t really sound smooth. . Which one is it! Why did he or she called you a trouble maker? I’m sure you’ll be fine but I say you tell us about your experience and try not to be so contradicting (not meant in a negative way).

Tomorrow I’m planning to fly out of Pearson so I’ll let you know how it goes if my flight doesn’t get canceled because of the expected storm.

Marsha replied 3 weeks ago   #3

Thanks Tiffany, I had read through that before posting.

I guess what I am wondering is if anyone has ever been turned around even with a waiver in hand?

T Raptors replied 3 weeks ago   #2

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