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Curiouscat826posted 2 weeks ago

I was wondering if I went through alternative measures program for theft under $5000. Charges are withdrawn, file destruction done, never had been denied entry to the states. Do I need a waiver ? Can I still safely travel to the us without a waiver ? Thank you !

I would love your expertise @jrogers @michelle@kscott

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I could spend an hour explaining, but I bet that would lead to more questions and further "but I read this on the internet " questions. You sound like the very nice lady who called me, asked a lot of questions, was told she would be fine, then wouldn't take "you don't need a waiver" for an answer because as she explained "but the internet!" And it went on and on and on and eventually I realized that she could not be convinced.

I want to make money from waivers. I would tell you if you needed a waiver. I can tell by your description that you KNOW you don't need a waiver. Unfortunately, you are so nervous that you won't take "no" for a answer. I understand. But please just accept that you do not need a waiver.

If you ask again, I am simply going to change my answer to "the internet is right" and I am going to be asking for money. I really cannot convince you, so I might as well do the waiver. The internet (isn't this forum on the internet?) must know more than I do.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #3

@J Rogers

Thank you for your response. I guess I was getting confused (of course due to the internet). Even thought it’s a theft charge and that’s labelled as a CIMT, I won’t have issues crossing the border ? I have a trip booked and I’m really worried about being denied. Would this be considered for a “September letter “?

Could you elaborate on why I won’t need a waiver ?

Curiouscat826e replied 2 weeks ago   #2


No waiver needed.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #1

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