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Michelleposted 1 year ago

I noticed that Alberta Pardons in Edmonton is now listed as Canada Pardons and US Waivers. The information on their new website is similar to what Alberta Pardons used to say, with a few changes. I have left a message to see if they just changed names or are a new company. I am surprised that they would change the name as Alberta Pardons has been known and in business for over 15 years. Why change the name now. I have not received a call back, so if anyone knows - please advise. To be honest, I am expecting more Pardon and Waiver Services to close down, as we head into more COVID restrictions for year 2..

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Alberta Pardons has basiaclly canished but contacting the page you are reffering to I found out that Alverta Pardons is now
The webpage linked to Alberta Pardons that it is NOT the same company.

Dan Tabak formally of Alberta Pardons can be reached at

Brandy replied 1 month ago   #3


I am more in tune with the local Ontario places, so I had heard of Alberta Pardons, but was not aware they changed their name.

AllCleared changed from Pardon Services Canada, maybe it was along those lines?

In Oakville, Scotia Pardons seem to change their name, as well as the Vancouver "branch" closed up. I find some of these places are advertising on Facebook, and changing their name when they advertise so people can't track their past bad google reviews.

Fingerprints/Pardons are mainly sustaining our revenue stream during this "dry period" of not being able to finish off waivers.

Its a very interesting time for this industry, like a lot of others. I had thought more places would shut down, but the majority seem to be hanging in there. The massive fingerprint surge after family day really made it easier for us to withstand this lockdown. We are doing Tuesday and Thursday 9-4 and Saturday 11-3. Saturdays are booked solid, we do 20 people, 5 per hour.

For those that can't get an appointment, I take their number and call them on the day we are open, I confirm they still want an appointment. I made/confirmed all my appointments for Saturday (today) before 930. I already have 10 to call on Tuesday. This way, I have a steady stream of appointments going forward, and the clients do not look elsewhere.

J Rogers replied 1 year ago   #2

@ Michelle It is confusing trying to keep up with all of these pardon waiver companies. I believe that this is the company that has the old man working there that is married to your former boss? If so, I have spoken to him on the phone around 2018 or so. He did not like our September Letter service and used some choice words with me.

K SCOTT replied 1 year ago   #1

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