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KW4posted 8 years ago

When travelling first time by air after receiving waiver, what happens at customs? Any paperwork or secondary inspection?


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I know we will have to go to secondary inspection when we get a waiver but what if the turnaround time between flights is two hours. We are flying from toronto to vancouver then on to the states. Will the customs take this into consideration..obviously we cant get to airport early to give ourselves more time and will only have a couple of hours at the most before we board, Thanks for info

Ruby replied 7 years ago   #3

The short answer to your question is travelling air side you will be asked to go secondary. I have travelled several times by air and each time I am asked to go to secondary. A couple of times I have been asked questions, and a couple of times they just stamped my passport and sent me on my way. But as mentioned please give yourself LOTS of time depending on the airport. I have waited for as little as 15 minutes and as long as 90 minutes. Whenever I go through Pearson I always err on the side of 2 hours....

Peter K replied 7 years ago   #2

Yes there will be secondary inspection and make sure you have plenty of time for customs. U.S. Customs get your waiver they will few questions and will stamp your passport that's it and you are on your way.

Oldman replied 8 years ago   #1

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