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Nevaposted 3 weeks ago

I have a 194, and now I need to know how to change my address on it

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Yes. Have received it multiple times and just moved from Ontario to Manitoba. I read at one point that you need to update your address, but I see no forms, maybe just a blurb to send a letter to the Vermont office? That sounds so un-governmental to me. LOL Calls to multiple border crossing offices were no help, just told to call USCIS which is useless. There will be no future immigration happening. Husband and I are happy to do the winter/summer migration.

Neva Stynski replied 2 days ago   #9

Just to clarify and expand on the excellent posts made on this topic....(I love that so many people are knowledgeable, it makes the forum that much better. In my opinion, the more information form a variety of voices, the better. )

The I-192 is an application for "Advance Permission to Enter as a Non Immigrant".

If you apply for a green card, at some point in the process you will be asked to file an I-601 which is an "immigrant waiver".

There are certain visa (like an "O" visa) where if it is not on the waiver, you cannot travel until you re-apply and get that put on. I had a client who was a nurse, and she got a 5 year waiver, but suddenly wanted to work in the US. So she had to re-do that waiver.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #8


Just to add to the point of @BM, I-192 waiver is non-immigrant only and the waiver your wife will require is I-601 or something of that sort.

In your case, your future wife will easily get it (I think) because you are her husband a US citizen and you can describe that living without her is very hard for you. A lot of us on the forum may vouch for that too...;-).

For now, she can enter the US on the I-194 approval and be with you until the marriage. But you certainly need to apply for the immigrant visa waiver later on.

skumar replied 3 weeks ago   #7


I-194 is a “non-immigrant” waiver, for temporary stays.

If you are intending to have your partner permanently immigrate to the US, you’ll need to seek other avenues of relief. “Immigrant” waivers are available for inadmissible folks for some grounds, but you’ll have to demonstrate extreme hardship.

[ BM appended this reply on September 7, 2022 @ 11:58 am ]

I-192, sorry.

BM replied 3 weeks ago   #6

@J Rogers This is news to me that the waiver needs to specify anything about visas.

At some point I want to marry my GF so she can stay here permanently with me. We would either marry out of Country or get married here. I forget the different visa types for people getting married but for the sake of my question here it doesn't yet matter.

My question though for you is, she will be getting her waiver within days. If we want to get married, say, 9 months from now...does that mean we have to go through another waiver request and ask that the waiver reference a spousal visa?

As always, thank you for your kindness in helping people.

JohnB2 replied 3 weeks ago   #5

@J Rogers Ok, thanks for clarifying.

We need to have it on our waiver that we need it for B1/B2/TN visas. And later on, it does not matter where we live as long as the waiver does not expire. Once it expires and we reapply for it, we will need to give the new address in the new application.

skumar replied 3 weeks ago   #4


You technically need to have that ON your waiver already. If the waiver just says "B1/B2" you can't apply for a TN visa. You need a waiver that says B1/B2/TN

Its not the address on the waiver that matters, or even the employer. They don't check and they realize its ridiculous to make someone change a waiver every time they move.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #3

@J Rogers
What if we move to USA on TN visa (with I-194)? Then, do we need to change our address?

skumar replied 3 weeks ago   #2

@Neva You have a 5 year waiver?

Don't bother. As long as you still live in Canada, it doesn't matter.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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