Address Change after submitting US Waiver?

Maximusposted 3 years ago

I just recently submitted my US waiver application but in about 3 months my address will change since I am moving. Has anyone changed their address while waiting for your waiver? What are the procedures needed to change your address while waiting? If your waiver has your old address does it matter when you travel?

Any info would be helpful. Worried that this might delay my process if I email them my change of address.


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If you already have your waiver, there is no need to change your address until its time to re-apply. If your country changed, that is different.

John Rogers replied 9 months ago   #5

If you have a valid waiver and change your address, do you need to send them something to let them know your new address or will it just be updated on your next waiver when you re-apply. I have a fresh new 5 year waiver from December 2018 and wasn't sure if after I move if I should inform them of my new address or if the existing waiver is fine with my old address. Thanks in advance.

PJ1 replied 9 months ago   #4

But get your mail forwarded. Don't rely on the address change to work. If the letter is lost, its $465.00USD to get a copy.

John Rogers replied 10 months ago   #3

If you have submitted an application and you have had a change of address, please remember to notify ARO by e-Mail or mail:

US Customs and Border Protection
Admissibility Review Office
7th Floor Mail Stop 1340
12825 Worldgate Dr
Herndon, VA 20598-1340

Logan replied 10 months ago   #2

Hello, wondering if you ever got a answer on the address change question?

Corey Wallace replied 10 months ago   #1

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