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J Rogersposted 5 months ago

I went to Banff for the long weekend. On the flight back, the entire plane was given this hilarious monologue where the boring "these are your exits" speech would normally be. He was literally worth flying to listen to.

All throughout the flight, this flight attendant made the 3.4 hour tip more bearable. Anyways, I was near the front and he recognized me. He was a pardon client. It all came back to me when he mentioned his name. He had been waiting for a job on an airline, needed a pardon, etc.

Anyways, he was quietly catching up, and told me how grateful he was. But in truth, I did paperwork, but he EARNED the pardon. And now he was doing a job he clearly loved, and was a perfect fit for. And 200 people were the beneficiaries of that. I cannot tell you how satisfying that was. (and what a small world)

And let me be clear. This person is exactly what the Pardon system is all about. He made a mistake, he grew up, and now he is working, paying taxes, and made 200 people smile close to midnight. I hate to bring politics into this, but this is the type of person Stephen Harper was trying to crush in 2012.

The Conservatives were clearly told in 2012 that the changes they were about to make were going to hurt 17000 people a YEAR, and that this would have a ripple effect. They actually held a consultation and the results were 1074 (don't change the system) 12 (change the system).

Think voting for a certain party doesn't matter? When a party aims to INCRESE the crime rate because it HELPS their chances to be re-elected (statistically people vote more "right wing" in time of rising crime) then that party should be held accountable.

I don't care who people vote for, but if you vote conservative, you are voting to HURT people. Period. And if you think "lower taxes" are more important, well Alberta is paying MORE for gas right now than Ontario. And they have no provincial sales tax. Remember when oil companies blamed taxes? Well Alberta has far fewer taxes on its gas...and the gas companies simply charge more.

When you vote, vote compassionately. That is what Canada is really all about.

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Thank you for sharing this! People deserve a second chance.

Livefree replied 4 months ago   #1

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