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Timposted 7 years ago

Just filling out my I-192 and G-325A. Last time a paid a company to assist, then realized after they sent me the package all they did was pre-fill the G-325A and I-192 for me with info I already gave them. For sure a waste of money. The guard at the CBP office at YYC even told me not to bother paying some company hundreds of dollars, it's easy enough to do myself. On to my questions:

1) On the G-325A, there is a field 'Applicant's last address outside of the US of more than one year'. I just want to clarify- do I just put the address I have lived at for more than a year on this section? I've lived at two addresses in the past six years- one for six months, and one for five and a half.
2) Question 13 on the I-192- as I have previously had a waiver, do I check 'have', and then put the date of my last application?
3) Should I still include a signed letter indicating my intended activities, or is question 11 on the I-192 sufficient if you fill in the details? I didn't do this last time, and I received my first waiver without having to supply any additional info. Is it best to be as detailed as possible, or should I just give the bare minimum of facts?
4) How many copies should I bring of the entire package? There is a post on this forum stating to make four copies of the G325A. Should I do the same for all of my documents, including reference letters, etc?

Sorry if these seem like straight forward answers; I just want to make sure everything is correct as possible.



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Going to drop off the application this morning. Thanks for your responses!

Tim replied 7 years ago   #3

Additional clarification on question 3) intended activities:

When you apply for a waiver, you should indicate whether or not you need it for pleasure or for business, or for both. In either case, you must clearly explain the basis for the request. If your waiver does not say it is valid for a particular purpose (i.e. business travel), it cannot be used for that activity, and you will have to apply (and pay for) a new waiver issued for the other activity. For instance, if you occasionally travel to the U.S. for pleasure, but also have other travel for work or business - your letter requesting the waiver should say something along the lines of 'My purposes for travel include pleasure (B2) work (specify H1B, P or whatever other status you may want to utilize) and/or for business (B1)'.

See this: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1076/kw/I-194%20waiver

i194waiver replied 7 years ago   #2

@Tim Difficult questions, see my responses below:

1) See example of completed G-325A http://www.immihelp.com/forms/g-325a-sample-biographic-information.pdf

2) Put the date and location of your last successful application filing (they know this already anyway - not sure why they need it).

3) For a second waiver, I would not worry about including additional documentation about your intended activities. One point - make sure you cover all future intentions. For example, plan on getting a job in the US? Add it so your waiver can include work intentions (mine includes only B1 and B2 - short business and leisure travel only). Bottom line: If you apply for an H1B or other work permit down the road you will need a new I-194 waiver.

4) Four copies is good but depending on the location not necessary. Seems to be no consistency here.

Best of luck!

i194waiver replied 7 years ago   #1

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