A copy of the official court record from the actual court of conviction indicating plea indictment

Toriposted 4 years ago

I am currently apply for my I-192 and ive never been charged with anything in any country yet this part of the I-192 says I need "A copy of the official court record from the actual court of conviction indicating plea indictment, conviction and disposition for each and every crime committed anywhere in the world."
When I went across the border I was charged but the both the charges and the court case were dropped what is it I have to provide for this area of the paperwork?

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I don't see for what reason you are applying then; again, as I said in another thread, charges don't mean squat, however CONVICTIONS do. That's for everyone to keep in mind, and remember the difference.

If you have outstanding charges that you haven't dealt with, or are in the middle of the process for, it will be up to the discretion of the officer that day to allow you entry. You may be referred to secondary for further consideration.

However, even if you are refused entry that day it doesn't prejudice your ability in the future to apply for entry provided if in fact the court rules in your favour.

It is always a good idea in any case to keep all documentation with you when you cross the border related to these kinds of situations.

Frank Jr. replied 4 years ago   #2

You would require proof that no record exists. You would get this by sending away a fingerprint application to the RCMP. It will either come back with a list of convictions, or in your case, no convictions found.

But, if you've never been charged with anything, then you shouldn't need a waiver anyway.

Regardless, good luck to you.

philmeup1 replied 4 years ago   #1

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