5 year inadmissibility wait

Mike Gposted 2 months ago

So I’ve asked this before but never really got a straight answer. I know the common prescribed wait is 5 years after being sentenced for a crime but does anybody know when the period actually begins..is it when you are sentenced or when you’ve completed your sentence?

Just wondering as I was sentenced in September 2015 and was going to start the process next year but I’m not going to waste my time if it’s been less than 5 years

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@Michelle - I have been swamped. I will reach out shortly. :)

jazzsax1 replied 2 months ago   #7

#5..jazzsax1..r u calling me?

Michelle replied 2 months ago   #6

@JohnRogers #14 - I was going to say, if this was the case I was waiting another 5 years... LOL

jazzsax1 replied 2 months ago   #5

#2 is NOT Me. Not sure why this idiot is pretending to be me.

John Rogers replied 2 months ago   #4


Mike G replied 2 months ago   #3

@Mike G

The current administration is very stringent on white collar crime, sexual and drug related offences.

Your five year wait starts when you have completed your sentence, this means that you have successfully completed all your probation, prison term and paid all fines if any.

The system is corrupt and punitive. It's pretty much a business venture. This is what you get when the voters decide to elect politicians who can't deal with the real problems at hand, but rather believe that immigrants and criminals are the root cause of all our problems.

Jοhn Rοgers replied 2 months ago   #2

@ Mike G..When a waiver request is denied, the USA will refer to the "completed sentence date" as starting time. The "5 year" waiting time does not always apply... It really depends on what you were convicted for, what you received as a sentence, your ability to show strong rehabilitation, your reasons for traveling..ect...

Michelle replied 2 months ago   #1

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