2021 Essential Worker Waivers Handed in successfully -Post here!

J Rogersposted 2 weeks ago

Lets keep this thread for people who successfully handed in a waiver, or for waiver providers who have VERIFIED information that is SPECIFIC. So not "I had 5 people hand in waivers". Lets keep it to specific situations, so people have a guide on where to go, and at what times.

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Sorry, in case it wasn't obvious, the client successfully handed his waiver in.

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The client I am talking about successfully handed his waiver in, he didn't just talk to a supervisor. I just want to make sure the post gives enough detail.

Replies (recent first):

I have a client, waiver renewal, truck driver. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday February 7th at 11 am and the Supervisor there told him that the Rainbow Bridge would take any essential truck drivers waivers.

more details;

The Rainbow Bridge is in Niagara Falls and trucks do NOT cross there. He went in his car. This is important to note because the other 2 clients I had went to the Peace Bridge in their trucks while crossing, and also talked to a Supervisor before they were permitted to hand in their waivers.

I don't advise calling ahead because you might just get someone who doesn't want people showing up, but here is the phone number anyways;
716-284-5174 x 324

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