Port Parole Attempt - Some info.

J Rogersposted 3 years ago

A client asked to attempt a Port Parole. We were pretty sure it would fail, but he wanted to try anyways. Circumstances were not very strong, but here is at least some insight into the answer when they refuse. I have obviously deleted the names.

Good Morning,

As you are aware, the Canadian/U.S. land border has been closed to all non-essential travel. The guidelines outlining essential vs non-essential travel have already been established by the Federal Governments of both countries. Unfortunately, the purpose of _____ trip to the U.S., to visit family and friends, has been deemed to be non-essential.

Also, CBP guidelines for issuing humanitarian paroles have recently changed and only allow for paroles to be issued to attend funerals or seek medical treatment. _______ will need to wait until the land border re-opens before he can complete his waiver application and be admitted to the U.S.

Thank you,
Buffalo Parole Request
Port of Buffalo, NY

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I am shocked that you thought they don't do emails, when this beginning of this thread is an actual email response from Homeland Security. I literally cut and pasted what they emailed.

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