Ricohposted 3 months ago

With an I-194 waiver can we apply for a NEXUS card? It seems the waiver would 'waive' the criminal record (also have a pardon).

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Edit: Found this which seems pretty clear (you cannot apply for a Nexus card with a criminal record).

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If you are a permanent resident or have a VISA to legally reside in the US, there is no need to have a NEXUS pass. Either way, obtaining a VISA or permanent resident status after getting denied entry to the US is pretty much mission impossible with the current regime. NEXUS was created to speed up waiting times for Canadians and Americans crossing the border. In order to be eligible to apply, you must be a citizen of either country (Canada or US) and not be convicted of any crime that is a direct violation in either country. This means that simply being charged disqualifies you from the NEXUS program. Waivers are forever and you must renew it every time it expires.

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George S. replied 1 month ago   #10


@George S.

Applying for waivers is a lifelong matter???

So even after the period of being barred is over you still need to get waivers?

That's crazy!

So what happens if you get some sort of visa to legally reside and work in the US or you get a green card or marry an American citizen?

How does that affect obtaining a Nexus card?

Magnus replied 1 month ago   #9


No. Applying for waivers is a lifelong matter. This means, that you cannot have a Nexus card.

George S. replied 1 month ago   #8


Is it possible to get a Nexus card after the period of your overstay is finished? Example: - you've been barred for 10 years in 2012 and you need a waiver to enter before then. After the 10 year period is over (2022) can you get a Nexus card?

By the way would you still need a waiver after the 10 years is over?

Magnus replied 1 month ago   #7

@Michelle Very interested to know how this turns out.

i194waiver replied 1 month ago   #6

@Ricoh, I agree with John and Jazzsax and have always told clients that you cannot get a NEXUS card if you have a criminal record or a waiver. Now, I do have a client who is applying for a Pardon for a DUI...he was told by his "IMMIGRATION Lawyer" that if he once he receives his Pardon, he can apply for a NEXUS card and he will get one. I DO NOT AGREE, but who am I to argue with the lawyer...I asked him to let me know how this will work will be another 7 or 8 months before we know..but I will update on here...

Michelle replied 3 months ago   #5

Thanks everyone. So bottom line is, no NEXUS for us

Ricoh replied 3 months ago   #4

Nexus is pretty clear on that if you've had a charge, you are barred from nexus for life.

Mine got recalled once the conviction was registered.

:: @jazzsax1 added on 28 Sep ’19 · 15:36

Sorry - above should have stated "conviction" not charge. Once the convinction is registered and it flows through CPIC, they pick it up pretty quick (my letter came dated about 5 weeks post conviction, from the canadian side)

Was asked to mail in the card and/or destroy it and that it was already deactivated.

jazzsax1 replied 3 months ago   #3

If you have a waiver you cannot get a Nexus card, regardless of the reason.

John Rogers replied 3 months ago   #2

not with any drug related charge.
I know that because I tried with a possession of a water pipe ticket in the 70's

wishbone replied 3 months ago   #1

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