Direct flight over U.S. airspace

Mike95posted 8 years ago

Anyone have any trouble with non stop flight over us airspace? I've read online that the airspace is controlled the same as enetering on ground but nothing from
A credible source, only websites that want your money for waivers which makes me speculative.

Virtually every flight leaving Canada crosses us airspace so I can't see it being a real rule.

Can anyone speak from expirience?

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I think the person was most likely on a watch list. From the info I have gathered names are checked against no fly lists and watch lists- these lists involve terrorist related Bahaviour I belive.

I do not belive evern serious crimes will prevent you from flying over us airspace AS LONG As THEY are NOT TERRORIST RELaTEd. Essentially I think they will not not let you on if you are a threat to aviation security or have reason to belive you will hijack the plane.

I have a drug trafficking charge from 5 years ago for example and I think I should be fine, I guess I will find out this summer when I try for sure with a non stop flight to Cuba. (From Toronto)

Again if anyone has anything to add or any personal expirences it would be greatly appreciated!

Mike95 replied 8 years ago   #5

@Mike95 My wife is a travel agent and I have heard at least one instance recently where a customer of hers was booked on a flight to Europe but it flew over US airspace and the passenger was not permitted to board. Can't remember if he was stopped at the airport or in advance. I suspect the name was on some kind of watch list and doubt it was for some petty crime

puzzled replied 8 years ago   #4

@Mike95 I believe US homeland receives a passenger list of any flight which crosses US airspace. I don't think you specifically need a US waiver, for example if you are flying non-stop from Toronto to Mexico. BUT, if you plane is diverted for any reason and lands at a US airport, you would be expected to produce the waiver. Not sure what would happen, perhaps they would just send you back to Canada. Ultimately it is their discretion.

notalawyer replied 8 years ago   #3

do you fly internationally or just to another point in Canada? If you don't mind me asking. Thank you

Mike95 replied 8 years ago   #2

I fly from a border city very often and have never had an issue like that

Ken replied 8 years ago   #1

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