Any one have experience with waiver for drug trafficking?

changed man 95posted 8 years ago

Has anyone has any luck with drug trafficking charges (Marijuana)? I have a trafficking charge that was for a quarter pound however I was only 16 at the time of conviction. I received a "summary offense" and one year probation. My record officially disappears next summer (2016) which is when I plan on applying. At that time It will be 4 years since I was convicted, so most likely closer to 5 years by the time they process my application.

unfortunately the US already knows about my record as I tried to go on a trip, so even when it disappears next year, it remains on their system.

I believe 2 things make greatly strengthen my application:
1- the age that I committed the crime at, and the fact that it automatically expunged (since I was convicted as a youth)
2- Lots of rehabilitation (Straight A's in university, Lots of scholarship awards, Regular volunteering, a clean criminal record, a steady job for 3 years (employer will provide reference letter), and I will provide a clean drug test.

Could anyone tell me their experiences with receiving a waiver with a drug trafficking offence/ similar crime? passed or denied? How long since you committed the crime? etc

Thank you!

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I amazed that your record was shared with the US. You were under 18, are they (Canadian gov') even allowed to do that? Lawsuit much?

OttawaUS replied 8 years ago   #1

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