Possible to permanently move to USA with a waiver?

Mannysinghposted 3 weeks ago

I was pardoned in Canada. I know a pardon means nothing in the US. I have a US waiver so I can travel to the US without issue.

Is it possible to permanently move to the USA? Will they ever allow me considering my record in Canada?

What are my options?

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J Rogers - sorry didn't see your reply until now. That is great news.

So easiest thing to do is get married to her lol. Feel like her and I should be on '90 day fiance' :)

Mannysingh replied 3 weeks ago   #4


You can absolutely get a green card. The only difference for you vs someone without a waiver is you will be asked to file an I-601 an "immigrant" waiver.

My suggestion is do a "K-1" visa (fiance). Then once its granted, you have 90 days to move and make the marriage official. If you mess that up somehow, then you can do a spousal visa instead.

i have many clients who went on to green cards after doing waivers initially.

J Rogers replied 3 weeks ago   #3

Hey Michelle! Thanks... I was worried that it wouldn't be possible.

I am a Canadian citizen. When you say lengthy process... how long are we talking about? FYI, my GF is in USA but we are not married.

Mannysingh replied 3 weeks ago   #2

@Mannysingh..the answer is yes..I have a client who has both a Pardon and Waiver who is engaged to a US citizen..It is a lengthy process..I suggest u hire a Immigration lawyer from the US or a Immigration lawyer in Canada who specializes in this..Also it would help if u r a Canadian citizen..

Michelle replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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