June waivers this week?

JohnB2posted 3 weeks ago

The forum has been slow and frankly this wait is driving me a little crazy because I'm getting annoyed with our government, whom I work for, by the way. Yep...I work for the government. I have security clearance and everything.

Anyway... here is my question. Do you think we will start seeing some early June waivers this week?

I'm going with, "yes" :D

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@J Rogers ha thanks!

admt replied 2 weeks ago   #10


They are a shadowy group, rarely seen in public. Mostly they are descended from Ephors, like in the movie 300, and they are more creature than man. Generations of inbreeding have made most a shocking sight. They have a keen eye for drug possession but are oblivious to serious gun charges. Impaired driving is also something they are ok with, some legends say because they are themselves, "drunk with power".

If you see one in public, never look it in the eye. You waiver will automatically be denied.

I have also heard, passed down from generation to generation, that they are simple office folk. Like the hobbits, a cheerful bunch, with hairy feet. In the old days, every September letter would come in the mail with a single hair in the envelope; this would be from a hobbits back, and was considered lucky.

Legend has it that in a full moon, when the air turns cold.....

(This is my way of saying I don't really know, but I assume they are simply office workers given a specific set of guidelines, and they probably have a checklist they must go through. I can tell you that one of the items on the check list is...."did John Rogers prepare this?" ....but like the Yeti or Bigfoot, I have no actual proof.)

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #9

@J Rogers
Do you know who these adjudicators are? I.e are they lawyers or someone really well versed in immigration/border laws? Or generally untrained people then fed govt contracts out work to?

admt replied 2 weeks ago   #8

Still nothing. :(

JohnB2 replied 2 weeks ago   #7

Makes alot of sense, thank you @J Rogers

Sophia replied 2 weeks ago   #6


Because it isn't one line-up. Each adjudicator probably takes a set number of files at a time. Its the only explanation that makes sense, otherwise they would literally all follow the same time-line, and they don't. Don't forget, my clients al file the same way at the same place. But although today I had a client who was submitted on June 3rd, I have other clients that are still waiting from May. The files aren't different, they are like him, an easy 5 year waiver.

So if Steve works faster that Sarah, he might be working on Junes while she is stuck on Mays. The point is, you will get an answer, as will EVERYONE here.

J Rogers replied 2 weeks ago   #5

I just dont understand how people who applied after me got theirs before me 😩 im stressed lol

Sophia replied 2 weeks ago   #4

@skumar I know! I saw that! Whoop Whoop! I have a browser plug-in reloading the e-safe page every 4 minutes. I started it an hour ago. I'll see it change when and if it does happen, regardless of on what day. I'm guessing possibly tomorrow since it's after 5:00 pm eastern time now.

Without the plug-in, I'd have to bug my GF to forward me the login code and she is out of town and I don't want to bother her. Hopefully the session won't time out and tomorrow when I'm back on the computer it will still be logged in. :)

JohnB2 replied 3 weeks ago   #3

There is a waiver approved today that was submitted to ARO on June 3rd.
So, it is already on. :-)

skumar replied 3 weeks ago   #2

I'm just really curious how accurate this prediction will prove to be. Based on the timeline for the last waiver that J Rogers posted (on 9/6/22), the June 3rd Waiver I'm waiting on should arrive on Friday September 9th and I'm going to go on a limb and say by noon on Friday. LOL

I know...waiting sucks and there is no guarantee any pattern will hold. People are all over the board on timelines. But I'm going to at least have a little fun with this and see how close I can get to the actual arrival day and time. I'm usually pretty lucky.

JohnB2 replied 3 weeks ago   #1

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