ESafe Scam, Canadian Pardons Waste of Money & Trolls

K SCOTTposted 8 months ago

A quick video on the Esafe Scam, Canadian Pardons waste of money and 4 trolls that are very jealous of us since we have a 98-99% success rate. I did a quick video today while walking in the rain. There are a lot of things that people are telling us when they call. These are some of the things that seem important to them. You guys remember that I have always told you that a Canadian Pardon is a waste of money unless you need it for three certain reasons.

Additionally, people need to be aware that they are not required to use esafe. This has caused some anxiety for some people that are calling us. We have reassured them that they are not required to use Esafe as per the guidance from the ARO director. You guy remember that we posted a video of her affirming this fact. This was based on the CBP seminar that I attended in June.

Lastly, apparently Discount Waiver Companies have started to aggressively push pardons on some people. You essentially cannot trust a DWC that has made multiple false statements to you guys here about my location being England. Anyway, we have some additional info coming to the members here that they will find useful. This is even if they decide to do their own waiver cases.

Ken Scott
Senior U.S. Immigration Law Intelligence Analyst
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@Gerry65, congratulations, I hope you are safe and well in BC..

MIchelle replied 8 months ago   #11

Did esafe application April 25
Went for biometrics Nov 4 /21 at Peace Arch BC
Received 5 year waiver today Nov 18/21

Gerry65 replied 8 months ago   #10

@Magnus @Michelle

I am watching the Airports and other POE but nothing so far. I have quite a few clients in Northern Ontario who would love to go to Sault Ste Marie or ones closer to Ottawa and Kingston who would prefer not to go to Niagara Falls, but at this point, no word on when or if they will re-open.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #9

@Magnus..I do not believe the International airports will start with waivers again..they will be too busy with checking Covid related things..tests and thoughts anyway..John??

Michelle replied 8 months ago   #8


Thanks for the response. I look forward to the follow up.

Any idea if airports will start processing waivers via eSAFE in the near future?

Magnus replied 8 months ago   #7

@Magnus..I have been using Portal only right now for clients..however i am going to try sending someone to sweet grass for an Alberta client next week..will let u know..tks

Michelle replied 8 months ago   #6

Asking this again… does anyone know what POEs are taking eSAFE (as in has the list expanded beyond the 2 or 3 that are taking them)?

Magnus replied 8 months ago   #5

@george p. Well said. Guy is a fraud. Esafe is the only way to file right now. I asked a supervisor officer Williamson at peace arch , so nobody use this person if u don’t want to be scammed.

Gerry65 replied 8 months ago   #4

@J Rogers I've spent a lot of time reading almost every post on this forum by everyone, as I think this site is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for information on waivers. That is unless people come across anything posted by "Lord" (gag) Ken Scott.

I've been wanting to post a comment in reference to Ken for quite some time, but didn't want to waste any moment of my life that I'll never get back on such a sad individual. However, I've reached my breaking point and cannot help myself.

His overall behavior on this forum, personal attacks on individuals (including towards you), and consistent incorrect information on waivers and/or process, are despicable. I have never in my 40 years come across such a hostile, aggressive, narcissistic individual in my life.

Why has he not been banned from this forum? I don't believe "free speech" should be tolerated when he is genuinely lying to people seeking valuable advice. I'm going to take it one step further and go on the record to say that I genuinely believe many of his postings are criminal and outright fraudulent.

If the web platform you're using for this forum does not permit the ability to ban users, I will offer up my company services and bankroll to assist you in updating this site free of charge so that users such as Ken can be banned. It's not right what he is doing. I will contact you directly tomorrow to discuss this matter further. If you are not the administrator of the forum then perhaps you can point me in the right direction.

Additionally, I will be filing a police report on Ken (if that's even his name) with the RCMP tomorrow at 9am. Anyone who willfully and knowingly posts false information for personal financial gain is guilty of a criminal offense. I will not stand for it.

I feel bad for the guy, I really do. He needs major psychiatric treatment to overcome his severe mental health issues.

I can only imagine what his response will be to my message. Fortunately, I will not engage or even return to this specific post to hear what he has to say.

Thanks to you and everyone else on this forum who contributes to the abundance of useful information to others.

George P replied 8 months ago   #3

eSAFE....look at the dates on this waiver.

5 year waiver. This one was 16 days since he went to Niagara Falls for fingerprints. This is a little faster than average, i find most of them are about 20 days.

Documents Shared With You
ARO Decision
Please review the documents
Status History (5)
11/10/2021, 08:00 AM EST : Status changed to Completed
10/26/2021, 07:30 PM EDT : Status changed to Submitted to ARO
10/20/2021, 04:08 PM EDT : Status changed to Paid
10/20/2021, 04:06 PM EDT : Status changed to Signed
8/5/2021, 11:08 AM EDT : Application Created

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #2

@K Scott

I have been filing waiver since May. I have posted the proof. So have people on here, who have done waivers on their own, including a few in BC.

Homeland Security is ONLY accepting waivers through eSAFE, although that may change in the future. ESAFE means it is FASTER, and also means the border barely has to do ANYTHING when you go. At Pearson Airport before Covid, they would take ALL the eSAFE people FIRST, and lecture the ones left.

The biggest advantage? No mail. Your waiver is not mailed, its granted an uploaded INSTANTLY. You can download and print it out immediately. You do not even have to use the originals, you can save it on your computer and make as many copies as you like.

Ken has not done a single waiver in over 1.5 years. How do I know? He refuses to use eSAFE and therefore, since Homeland Security was ONLY processing eSAFE applications, he could not help his clients.

Listen carefully. Michelle and I are Canadian, and live in Canada. Our advice is sound, and we post ONLY accurate information. Just look at Ken Scotts bio on his website. Does ANY of that look credible?

We are BOTH accredited by the RCMP. Doing anything shady will get our credentials revoked. Ken is NOT accredited, and works out of a mailbox in a UPS store. He JUST came back to Canada, he has been back in England for the entire pandemic.

Be smart.

J Rogers replied 8 months ago   #1

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