US Entry Waiver For Misrepresentation

K SCOTTposted 4 weeks ago

Here is a quick video on Misrepresentation and how it relates to CBP at the border. This is a very important topic that screws a lot of people. People take note that misrep is something that can get you into a lot of trouble at the border. This also applies to waivers that are prepared by the Discount Waiver Companies. Actually, a number of the people that have called have had their cases made worse by them. We are seeing and having a large number of people call us to get this sorted out. In some cases, these cases are much more work to clear than the violent crime offences. Anyway, check it out and comment here or on our channel.

We are running into a situation where we now have limited to actually post on this forum. We also want to thank our many supporters on here and our you tube channel. Check out our channel, internet talk radio show, and our other platforms. We also have some big announcements to make in the coming weeks. Right now I am just waiting for the green light from our associates. One thing is that we will likely shy away from the small fish cases in 2022.

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