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jazzsax1posted 1 month ago

So I've been here since 2015/2016 and in regular contact with John, Michelle and Ken.

Was preparing to prep a waiver packet and had an interesting occurance.

Applied for a police check (local) for volunteering - no records of conviction.
Applied for the RCMP waiver check - fingerprints - no records of conviction.

This is 6.5 years post conviction (7.5 post charge). One charge was dropped, one was a charge that definitely makes me inadmissable.

Based on advice from most, it appears I'm not in CPIC.

All 3 above suggested I'm likely not in the database ---- usually these would be caught within a year, but 7 years later --- someone screwed up way back one.

One of 3 above suggested I run the parole check to see what shows up. 2 of 3 above don't think it's neccessary.

Either way --- there's a good chance, provided I'm not in the US database (I've never been denied entry, ever) that I could potentially travel without a waiver.

Thought I would post and say that the feedback from Michelle, John, and Ken has been invaluable over the last 5 years.

Will let you all know what happens if / when I decide to run the pardon check, and/or if I try to cross the border. I've always been mentally prepared that I would be filing waivers for life, but this may have been one of those cases of "I lucked out!"

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@John Sweetheart you are again late(AS USUAL) to the party since I have already covered this technique with the gentleman weeks ago. However, it is indeed good that you have reinforced what I had previously stated on this case.

K SCOTT replied 4 weeks ago   #3

@Jazzsax, Thanks! I do enjoy the interesting and unusual cases. Enjoy your travels and keep us posted.

Michelle replied 1 month ago   #2


I have a longtime client who brought in his son. Convicted of Impaired, around 5 years ago. We were just doing fingerprints to MAKE SURE he was eligible.

Nothing on CPIC, A RECENT IMPAIRED, not on CPIC. So if this was his "problem" (if impaired was inadmissible), the US would have no way of knowing he was convicted.

J Rogers replied 1 month ago   #1

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