Inadmissible due to spouse drug offense

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Waiver for spouse drug offense
Mallowposted 1 second ago
My spouse had been arrested in the USA for drug offense 8 years ago and did some jail time. Ha
He is Canadian and obviously he is inadmissible for entering USA and he will not try for a waiver another 20years.

But I was also denied entry back then, when I tried to enter to attend his court hearing(Canadian citizen)and was found inadmissible and slapped with a 5 year ban, due to being his spouse. I have never been involved or knew anything about it, but the law said I should have known reasonably.
I have no criminal record or any arrest on my record at all.

After 5 years, I did apply for a waiver and was granted a 6 month waiver, and entered the USA couple of times with my kids for shopping and weekend trips.

I wasn't able to apply for another waiver due to the pandemic and just waiting for them to open up so I can apply for another waiver.

Any suggestions in term of the remorse letter as I would like to try to have a longer waiver than 6 months.
It is very hard to formulate as I really didn't know and had no idea. But they expect me to have known.
I have character references who do know about the reason of my inadmissibility and do mention that. My employer is also aware of my inadmissibility, reason and does support me with reference letter aswell.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I also assume I would not be a candidate for September letter.
Any feedback from experts here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Very interesting question. I would actually be able to give you a more specific answer if I saw the letter you already submitted to them.

A broad answer would be that you can take one of two different strategies.

1) Admit you knew, apologize, and hopefully you are no longer with that person (if you are focus on how THEY changed as well)

2.) You didn't know. Then you have to still admit you SHOULD have known. Also, NO WAY you can admit you are still with them in this case. If you say you didn't know, and your still married to them, its a much harder battle.

Feel free to contact me for any help. You may want to consider getting at least the personal letter done by someone who is good at this, so you can see what works.

416-843-1371 (my cell)

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