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This thread is for introductions. Say as much as you want, I'll prompt with some initial questions:

  • Are you here for a waiver, or here to help?
  • Where are you located?
  • If here to help, what is the nature of your business (location, etc)?
  • Why do you need a waiver?
  • How many waivers have you had?
  • What kind of travel do you do to the US?
  • Will the Leafs will the Stanley Cup?

I'll kick things off below...

Replies (recent first):

I've successfully applied for and received two waivers, both 5 years each.

My current waiver expires in 2021. I need a waiver after being asked by CPB if I have a criminal record, which I do, motor vehicle theft (twice) from over 10 years ago. A clean record since. I travel to the US strictly for vacations, usually Florida three times per year.

Leafs have a chance in 2020 and it will be great to bring the cup back home!

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